Intersection Upgrades in Northern Hillsborough Will Improve Safety

Three important intersections in Hillsborough County are getting safety improvements including new traffic signals, turn lanes, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian safety enhancements.

All three intersection projects enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety by incorporating Vision Zero principles such as ADA-compliant sidewalks. Sidewalks will be added or replaced at some intersections to improve pedestrian connectivity through the corridor.

Sheldon Road and Westwind Drive

  • Safety objectives: Pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements include sidewalks and pedestrian crossing signals.
  • Improvements: New traffic signals, resurfacing the intersection, and revised striping, including on the crosswalks. Improved vehicular access to Sheldon Road from the adjoining subdivisions and businesses.
  • Construction timing: Estimated completion in late 2022.

Lutz Lake Fern Road and Heritage Harbor Parkway

  • Safety objectives: A new traffic signal will improve vehicular access to Lutz Lake Fern Road from the adjoining Heritage Harbor subdivision and provide a marked pedestrian route across Heritage Harbor Parkway to improve pedestrian access.
  • Improvements: A new traffic signal and new right turn lane, a fiberoptic signalization interconnect along Lutz Lake Fern Road from Heritage Harbor to TPC Boulevard and modifications like resurfacing and revised striping to include crosswalks.
  • Construction timing: Estimated completion in late 2022.

Sligh Avenue and Hesperides Street

  • Safety objectives: Reduce the number of crashes caused by traffic congestion by enhancing the level of service and improving safety at the intersection. Create a pedestrian-friendly intersection by including improvements for A.P. Leto High School students, bicyclists, and transit users.
  • Improvements: New traffic signals, new right turn lane to access A.P. Leto High School, resurfacing of the intersection, revised crosswalk striping and a new crosswalk at Sligh and Occident Street.
  • Construction timing: Estimated completion in late 2022.

Impacts for residents and commuters in the area will include utility relocations and installations in the corridor, as well as normal construction noise caused by heavy equipment and excavation. Intermittent lane closures may occur throughout construction. Safe access to homes and businesses will be maintained. Most construction will be in the right of way. However, at times it may be necessary to work on private property with prior approval. All areas affected by the construction will be restored. Construction is expected to begin in late 2021. All associated work is scheduled to be complete by late 2022.

Public Engagement Opportunity
The County will conduct a virtual engagement using The Hillsborough Engagement Hub to collect feedback from the public. Public comment for this project is open between Aug. 27 and Sept. 9 at 11:59 p.m. Visit to participate.

Questions in English or Spanish about the virtual public engagement for the Northern Hillsborough Intersection Upgrades may be directed to the Customer Service Center at (813) 635-5400.


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