Hillsborough 2021 Water Quality Reports Available to the Public

Hillsborough County, Fla. (June 16, 2022) - Hillsborough County's annual water quality reports have been released and are available to the public.

The reports explain Hillsborough County's drinking water quality testing results, offer information on local water resources, and outline the County's continued investment in the local water infrastructure.

Hillsborough County Public Utilities operates 10 community public drinking water systems, and each system has its own report. Visit to view the calendar year 2021 water quality reports.

The website includes an interactive map that allows viewers to type their address and locate the report that pertains to their residence or business. Printed copies of the reports may be obtained by calling (813) 246-3146. All customers will receive notice of the available water quality reports through either their mailed bill or e-bill.

In 1996, Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act, which requires community water systems to each year publish information about their water, including its source, how it is treated, and compliance with regulations.

Hillsborough County Public Utilities provides over 71 million gallons of drinking water per day on an annual average basis to 704,285 people. In 2021, the County's team collected approximately 7,400 water samples and performed 32,300 tests on the County's drinking water. Hillsborough County's environmental laboratory performs thousands of drinking water tests annually to ensure that customers are receiving water that consistently meets their expectations.

Visit for more information about the County's water and wastewater services.



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