Hillsborough County Sharing Proposed Updates to Watershed Management Plan

Hillsborough County, Fla. (July 27, 2022) - Hillsborough County is in the process of updating floodplain areas for multiple watersheds within the county, and there is an opportunity for the public to learn about the preliminary changes through the County's engagement hub.

The Hillsborough Stormwater Engineering Services Section addresses significant issues related to stormwater quantity, quality, and management system maintenance. This is accomplished through the management of systemwide infrastructure throughout the county's 17 watersheds, which will: 

  • Minimize the occurrences of damage due to flooding 
  • Improve surface water quality 
  • Reestablish and create wetland habitat 
  • Improve the recharge of the potable water supply 
  • Provide for reuse and recreational opportunities

Updated floodplains result in a more accurate illustration of flood risk for residents, and help to better regulate development, identify flood protection projects, and guide resiliency and mitigation efforts.

Public Engagement Opportunity

The County will conduct a virtual engagement using the Hillsborough Engagement Hub to inform the public of the proposed changes to the Watershed Management Plan. Comment for this project is open until Tuesday, Aug. 9. Visit to participate.

Questions in English or Spanish about the virtual public engagement for the Watershed Management Plan project may be directed to the Customer Service Center at (813) 635-5400.



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