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Posted September 10, 2019 | 4:00 PM

Citizen Panels Vital to County Government

Openings are announced throughout the year

Citizen-member boards and committees help Hillsborough County government function effectively.

There are dozens of such panels, ranging from the Council on Aging, which advocates for older Hillsborough County residents; to the Diversity Advisory Council, which facilitates communication between the County and Hillsborough’s diverse communities; to the Anti-Bullying Advisory Committee, established to help curtail bullying through awareness and education.

Individual County commissioners and other government officials serve on many of the boards and committees, along with people with expertise in the scope of a panel’s mission. Other participants are residents who want to serve the community.

Volunteer members of boards must be registered to vote in Hillsborough County. They receive no pay.

County officials post open positions throughout the year on the Boards and Councils Forms page. Qualifications and requirements vary, depending on a board’s mission.