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Posted February 13, 2018 | 11:14 AM

Keep Your Cash

It’s easier than you think. America Saves Week calls attention to making the most of your money

Saving money and getting out of debt are important financial goals.

That’s the underlying message of self-help campaigns like Florida Saves, and the national America Saves Week, which this year is Feb. 27 through March 4.

For years, Hillsborough County Extension Service and UF/IFAS Extension have partnered with Consumer Federation of America on the America Saves Initiative. The goal is to motivate residents to build financial stability by increasing savings or decreasing debt.

Need a down-payment for a car or a house? Hoping to set aside money for a child’s education? Longing for a vacation in an exotic place? It might be easier than you think to make headway on achieving such financial goals.

Federal statistics show more than half of Americans save money for unexpected expenses or emergencies. But many don’t save as much as they could, and others don’t save at all. Here are four easy ways to jumpstart your savings:

  1. Take a pledge and complete a short survey.

  2. Get your taxes done for free at Hillsborough County Extension Service.

  3. Sign up for free personal finance updates and newsletters. Once on the page, scroll to Personal Finance, and fill out the form.

  4. Attend a free webinar sponsored by UF/IFAS Extension: Spring Clean Your Finances.

Go ahead and dream big, even if you have to start small. Any consistent effort to save money or clear debt is better than not trying. And who knows? You might finance your dream sooner than you imagined possible.