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Tone Your Body, Tighten Your Budget at County Gyms

Hillsborough County takes financial sting out of staying in shape

Want to get in shape or stay trim without breaking the bank? Hillsborough County can help.

Six community and recreation centers have fitness centers with the basic equipment you need. The cost? Ten dollars a month, much less than you might pay elsewhere to use similar equipment - dumbbells and barbells, weight machines, and cardio equipment.

County residents wishing to use the fitness centers must register and have an account. To sign up, and for more information, you'll need to create a Parks and Recreation account.

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The fitness centers are scattered throughout Hillsborough County. So there likely is one near you. Contact a recreation center about fitness options. 

Alex Rodriguez is a regular at Apollo Beach Recreation Center's fitness facility. For the past two or three years he has worked out at the facility up to five days a week, Monday through Friday.

Alex used to belong to a for-profit fitness center. Membership there was more than three times the County's $10 monthly fee, and the Rec Center's equipment is similar. "They have all the equipment that you need for normal exercise routines," Alex says.

Photo Information: The Fitness Center at Apollo Beach Recreation Center has everything needed for a basic workout.