Real Cuban Sandwich

Here's the Secret for a Real Cuban Sandwich

A Crash Course on Hillsborough County's Iconic Cuisine

We can all agree that the Cuban sandwich - when made right - is a work of art. It's the argument over what makes it "right" that can get heated.

Michelle Faedo is an expert. The award-winning sandwich artist and Hillsborough County native, has defended her bragging rights for "Best Cuban Sandwich in Florida" for four straight years. What goes into mastering the best Cuban sandwich in Florida? In between perfectly placed pats of mustard, Faedo explains that the end product is "more than a sandwich." It's a carefully crafted homage to Hillsborough County's rich history and diversity.

The sandwich that we know and love today was inspired by Hillsborough's Cuban, Italian, and German immigrants. Once an easy and inexpensive lunch for cigar rollers, the flavorful fare has since transformed into an iconic delicacy enjoyed nationwide.

Although the exact origins of this sandwich is the subject of much debate, there are significant differences in preparation that make Hillsborough County's Cuban sandwich a cut above the rest. Authentic Cuban bread and genoa salami, for example, are two key ingredients that set our sandwich apart from other Florida versions.

Staple ingredients for a Hillsborough County Cuban sandwich include:

  • Cuban bread
  • Mustard
  • Swiss cheese
  • Ham
  • Fresh pork
  • Genoa Salami
  • Pickles

Once assembled, slather your sandwich with butter, press until crispy and golden, and enjoy!

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