Dispatch Supervisor Gustavo Toro helps student Jalize Ginarte try out the wheelchair lift on a Sunshine Line bus
Posted September 28, 2017 | 4:22 PM

Kids Along for Ride on Parent/Child Work Day

About 100 children of Hillsborough County employees participated in the event

Like the buses they provide for elderly, low-income, and disabled residents, Hillsborough County Sunshine Line employees had "Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" running smoothly and on schedule.

A full slate of activities greeted the seven children of Sunshine Line workers who came to work with their parents at Lee Davis Community Resource Center in Tampa. While mom and dad did their jobs, the kids told adult leaders about themselves, toured the transportation facility, watched a movie, and climbed aboard one of the agency's buses.

They also ate lunch with their parents, and learned more about what mom and dad do at work.

Hillsborough County is among many local governments and businesses that participate in the special day. About 100 children and teens accompanied County employees to work on April 27, at many facilities and departments.

"I just want to see what my mom really does," said Michael Pimentel, 16, who attends McKeel Academy in Lakeland. "I hear about it at home." Michael's mom, Rosa Velazquez, is a Sunshine Line customer service manager.

Junior Ginarte, 9, is the son of Sonia Ginarte, a customer service representative with the transportation agency. He has visited his mom at work in the past, and enjoys it.

Michael and Junior were particularly interested in the group's tour of a Sunshine Line bus.

Meanwhile, Owen Crouch, 16, and his siblings Allison, 13, and Carson, 10, helped their dad, James Crouch, at Parks & Recreation's United Way Carnival at All People's Life Center in Tampa. James Crouch is a Parks & Recreation administrative services coordinator.

The Crouch children, who are home-schooled, enjoyed helping dad set up the carnival and worked at a snow cone stand. Owen said he also liked playing in the Center's gymnasium and tossing balls at a dunk tank.

"I got to dunk a few of the managers," Owen said. His dad, who stayed dry, was not among them.

Photo Information: Dispatch Supervisor Gustavo Toro helps student Jalize Ginarte try out the wheelchair lift on a Sunshine Line bus.