Homegrown Hillsborough

Homegrown Hillsborough: Okra

Hillsborough County farmers grow more than 60 crops. Each month we will feature a seasonal crop, grown locally and available fresh in area groceries.

July's harvest: Okra 

Fun fact: Mature okra can be used to make rope and paper.

When is fresh local okra available at local groceries and farm stands? June and July.

What type of okra is grown commercially here? Hillsborough County is not known for a particular type of okra.

Where is okra most commonly grown in Hillsborough County? Primarily the Dover/Plant City area.

How many pounds of okra are harvested? About 500 pounds per acre. Pickers wear long pants, shirts, and gloves because the plants have thorns. Pickers usually harvest okra in the morning, when it is less hot, because of the heavy clothing and the plant's dense growth pattern.

Local insight: A comparatively small amount of okra is grown in Hillsborough County. The crop is most prolific in Alachua, Columbia, Dade, Jackson, Jefferson, and Lake counties.

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