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Head Start

How to Give Your Child a Head Start

Programs now enrolling kids in early childhood development classes

Enrollment for the upcoming school year is now open and available for children up to 5 years old for Hillsborough County's Early Head Start and Head Start Programs. Early Head Start also offers the Expectant Parent Program to first-time pregnant women in first or second trimester, which is also enrolling new members.

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For more than 51 years, Head Start/Early Head Start Programs have been providing Hillsborough County children with education and wellness programs that focus on meeting the needs of each individual student. Head Start takes pride in developing and maximizing each child's intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth through these programs. The programs provide services to the community that support healthy lifestyles and strong family relationships.

For children to enroll, families will need to meet any of the following requirements:

  • Employed at least 20 hours per week or are enrolled in full-time school/job training
  • Homeless
  • Military family
  • Receive public assistance (SSI, TANF, or SNAP)
  • Meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines for income
  • Have a child who has been diagnosed with autism, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, orthopedic impairment, developmental delay, speech/language impairment, or any other condition affecting the child's ability to learn
  • Foster care

Head Start provides full-day/full-year care and education to prepare children ages 3 to 5 years old for school. Classrooms have one teacher for every 10 children. Children participate in indoor and outdoor play and enjoy a variety of learning experiences that foster intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth appropriate to their age and stage of development.

Early Head Start provides intellectual, emotional, and social activities for children up to 35 months old. There is one staff person for every four infants/toddlers. Nurturing and well-trained caregivers support the infants and toddlers in daily routines, such as eating, sleeping, diapering/toileting, and dressing.

The Expectant Parent Program component of Early Head Start works with moms-to-be early in pregnancy to support a healthy birth and positive postpartum home for the newborn and their family.

To enroll, call (813) 272-5140 or visit the Head Start / Early Head Start page.