Mosquito Debris

Mosquitoes Living Easy in Your Yard?

Evict them by discarding debris that hold standing water

Mosquitoes are breeding in everyday items in your neighborhood. Two common mosquitoes that can cause disease, Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes, breed ONLY in containers of water - NOT in puddles, ponds, or ditches.

The best way to help avoid setting up a mosquito bed-and-breakfast at your home is to check your yard every week and drain items that can hold water. You can simplify that task by discarding unneeded water-holding items.

Unused items that you may be able to dispose of include:

  • Planters and pots
  • Cans and buckets
  • Tarps and covers
  • Bird baths
  • Wading pools
  • Child playsets and toys
  • Bottles and cups
  • Appliances and tools
  • Old tires
  • Furniture
  • Construction debris
  • Piles of lumber or yard debris
  • Discarded items or trash

Hillsborough County residents can dispose of up to 10 cubic yards of solid waste materials and up to 12 tires per year at Community Collection Centers as part of their annual solid waste assessment. Residents can also drop off larger quantities at the Southeast County Landfill or one of the County's Solid Waste Transfer Stations and pay standard disposal charges.

Find a Disposal Facility

Photo information:Residents disposing of outdoor debris, such as old tires, that can hold water and become mosquito breeding sites.