Things To Know
New to Hillsborough County

New to Hillsborough County?

Welcome! Here are 10 things to consider…

Every year thousands of people move to Hillsborough County. For recent arrivals, taking care of the following matters will help make the area feel like home:

  • Get ready to roll: New residents planning to drive their car in Florida must have a Florida driver's license, a Florida-registered vehicle, and auto insurance. For details, check Hillsborough County's Tax Collector's Office.

  • Register your children for public school: If you moved to Hillsborough County from another Florida county or from outside the state, here's how to register students for public school.

  • Change your address: To let the U.S. Post Office know your new mailing address, fill out an online form or visit your local Post Office and ask for a Movers Guide. Let the IRS know your address has changed.

  • Sign up for HCFL Alert: Be aware of emergencies and get other announcements with the County's mass notification system, HCFL Alert.

  • File for a homestead exemption: If you bought a home, apply for a homestead exemption to save money on property taxes.

  • Learn your evacuation zone: Type in your new address and the Hurricane Evacuation Assessment Tool (HEAT) will find your evacuation zone, and explain what it means.

  • Sign up to vote: Here's how to register to vote in Hillsborough County. There are three ways: early voting, by mail, at your precinct on Election Day.

  • Register a pet: Dogs, cats, and ferrets that are at least four months old must have Hillsborough County registration tags.

  • Request water and sewer service: Start, stop, or transfer water/sewer service.

  • Learn about trash and recycling: Find your schedule for pickups, and more.

Other things will come up, of course, but this list is a start. You also might want to go next door and meet your new neighbors.