Posted September 29, 2022 | 9:23 AM

What to do with Sandbags?

Find options for your leftover sandbags

Residents have a few options for sandbags that were used for the latest hurricane activation:

  • Hillsborough County recommends residents store sandbags for reuse during possible future storms. Remember hurricane season officially ends Nov. 30. If you have those resources, store them in a dry place to always be prepared.
    • Clean sandbags can be stored and reused
    • Full sandbags should be stored in a covered location off the ground, where they can dry out and be reused for later in the season
    • Allowing the sandbags to dry will help prevent mold

Once hurricane season ends: 

  • You can spread the unused sand from the bags in your yard
  • Residents not wanting to store sandbags for future use can drop off the sandbags at any of the County’s solid waste facilities. Find locations in our Trash & Recycling section.



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