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Posted September 27, 2017 | 4:01 PM

Dominoes Players "Rattle the Bones" in Tournament Finals

Teams from Ruskin and Brandon senior centers emerge as champions

It's part of Hispanic Heritage Month, but Aging Services' annual Dominoes Tournament draws a diverse group of competitors.

Teams from eight Hillsborough County dining and senior centers qualified for this year's finals at Town 'N Country Senior Center on Sept. 21. Initial pleasantries subsided as the games of double 9s and double 6s got underway.

When the domino tiles, or bones, were cleared, these winners stood out:

Double 9s:

  • First: Ruskin Senior Center, Sandy Fabian and Ouida Devine
  • Second: J.L. Young Nutrition Site, Geraldine Washington and Gloria McGill

Double 6s:

  • First: Brandon Senior Center, Melecia Noriega and Analucia Alencastro
  • Second: Ruskin Senior Center, Deidre Rathael and Ingrid McCalla
  • Third: Town 'N Country, Otonieo Nogueras and Daniel Alvarez

The champions will receive their trophies during the Hispanic Heritage Festival on Sept. 28 at the Regent, 6437 Watson Road in Riverview.

Men, women, and competitors whose primary language is Spanish or English mingled before the Sept. 21 tournament finals began. The game is particularly popular among Hispanics, but draws people of many backgrounds.

Some participants, like Ruskin Senior Center players, proudly wore T-shirts bearing the names of their centers. "I enjoy playing with these ladies," said Ouida Devine, a retired schoolteacher and member of the Ruskin squad. "It's a challenge, but they make it fun."