Homegrown Hillsborough
Posted December 7, 2017 | 3:16 PM

Homegrown Hillsborough: Broccoli

Hillsborough County farmers grow more than 60 crops. This feature we discuss a seasonal crop, grown locally and available fresh in area groceries.

Where is broccoli most commonly grown in Hillsborough County?

Though broccoli is not grown commercially here, it is a popular and bountiful crop among gardeners throughout the county.

When is fresh Hillsborough County broccoli available?

November through March

What types of broccoli are grown here?

Chinese and traditional

How many pounds of broccoli are harvested?

Gardeners can expect to pick about five pounds of the vegetable in each 10-foot row.

Fun fact: Broccoli is incredibly nutritious, providing riboflavin, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. It can be steamed, boiled, microwaved, baked, sautéed, or eaten raw.

Local insight: Broccoli is popular and easy to grow. Buy transplants or sow your own plants from seeds. Hillsborough County gardeners plant broccoli from mid-August through mid-March.

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