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National Consumer Protection Week Tip: Home Warranties

Learn about purchasing home warranties, how they can help, and where to go for more information

March 4 through March 10 is National Consumer Protection Week. This is a time to learn more about your rights and how to make responsible decisions about your finances.

There are numerous topics that any consumer should explore, including how to protect themselves from fraud . Another is to increase awareness about how home insurance structural warranties can reduce the cost of repairing and replacing various household items, such as heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, and appliances.

Many factors go into buying home warranties. In addition to the initial cost, the homeowner has to research what items the warranty covers, how long the warranty lasts, and whether it has limitations. Additionally, the potential homeowner should check out the home's builder, contractor, and other connected parties at the Better Business Bureau.

Want to know the difference between a written, implied, and spoken warranty? The Federal Trade Commission can help, as well as offer suggestions on how to resolve disputes.

Hillsborough County Consumer & Veterans Services investigates consumer complaints and offers education programs about unfair or deceptive business practices in landlord/tenant agreements, telemarketing, and home improvement contracts.

Brush up on your rights to help protect your finances and identity. Any Hillsborough County resident who has questions about home warranties can contact Consumer Protection by either visiting a local office or call (813) 635-8316.


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