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Ten reasons why you should save a Pet Resource Center pet's life

We think the faces at Hillsborough County's Pet Resource Center (PRC) are reason enough to adopt, but here are 10 more reasons why you should get a ready-to-go dog from PRC!

  1. You save a life!
  2. Only $20 (almost a $400 savings)
  3. Already spayed/neutered - no costly surgery
  4. Unconditional love
  5. Microchipped and vaccinated with rabies, Bordetella, flu, Distemper, and Parvo vaccinations
  6. Built-in best friend
  7. Healthier lifestyle
  8. Heartworm and flea prevention for first month already given
  9. Most likely house trained
  10. Monsters under the bed protector, foot warmer, beach buddy, travel companion - pretty much anything you could want them to be!

Lucky for you PRC has hundreds of ready-to-go dogs for you to pick from and who would love to continue to add to the list with you! Save a life and adopt from PRC today.

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