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Dog Training

Truth in Training Registration Begins in Hillsborough County

Dog trainers and dog-training businesses to be registered by July 1

Registration has begun for dog trainers and dog-training businesses covered by Hillsborough County's groundbreaking Truth-in-Training ordinance.

The new regulations, the first of their kind in the country, provide specific rules for dog trainers and help define the relationship between trainer and customer. All dog trainers that provide services in Hillsborough County must register with Pet Resources, and all businesses that offer dog training within the county must be licensed and pay a $50 application fee.

Under the terms of the Truth-in-Training ordinance, all dog trainers and dog-training business owners must provide all customers with a written dog-training plan. The training plan must be signed by both the dog trainer and the customer prior to the start of any dog training, and a complete copy of the training plan provided to the customer.

Registration forms and license registration must be completed, signed, and notarized by July 1. Information on the process is available here. Dog trainers and training businesses will not be allowed to conduct business in Hillsborough County after July 1 without the appropriate registration.