Southshore Solar Panels

The Future Looks Bright for Solar Power in Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County Doubles its Solar Power System in Effort to Increase Sustainability

Hillsborough County has many shining examples of sustainability. From electric car charging stations to the use of recycled building materials, the County works to incorporate sustainable practices in both new or updated buildings. This includes solar power systems, which use solar energy to provide power, reduce energy costs, and cut CO2 emissions. This year, the County adds two new buildings to its solar power system: the Southshore Community Resource Center and Arthenia L. Joyner University Community Library.

These two buildings double the County's current solar power system, which includes the old Hillsborough County Courthouse and the All Peoples Life Center. Since those systems were installed, the County has saved over $266,000 and cut 2,236 tons of CO2 emissions through harnessing solar energy.

Hillsborough County's Real Estate & Facilities Services estimates the Southshore Community Resource Center will save approximately $6,135 per year in energy costs. The Arthenia L. Joyner University Community Library is estimated to save anywhere from $4,800 to $5,000.

Plans to add to the County's solar power system don't stop with the two new additions. The County recently completed a solar assessment, which identified seven other libraries as good candidates for expanding that system. How many and which libraries will be added is still being determined.

The County supports a variety of sustainable efforts to reduce costs, and CO2 emissions. The combination of these sustainable features has eliminated more than 120,000 tons of CO2 emissions since 2003.


Photo: Southshore Community Resource Center Solar Canopy