A Chiller system adjacent to a building

Keep it Cool, Hillsborough

The County's central chiller plant provides A/C to courtrooms and government offices, savings for citizens

Hillsborough County has saved millions of dollars with its central chilled water plant that cools air in six government buildings in downtown Tampa.

The single ice-cooled system, which replaced individual chiller plants atop each of the buildings, has been in place since 2005. An ice-making plant freezes water at night, when electricity rates are low, and the adjoining chiller pumps cold water to the buildings throughout the day to keep them cool.

Chiller Plant InfoGraphic

The chiller plant is so efficient, the County is able to sell excess water to the Hillsborough County School System to cool its downtown headquarters and Rampello K-8 Magnet School. The system saved the County about $1.5 million in electricity costs last year.

Although chiller plants that pipe cool water to multiple buildings are fairly common - Water Street Tampa, for instance, will have one - it is unusual to have one with an adjoining facility that can make and store ice.

Photo Caption: A central chiller plant provides A/C for Hillsborough County government offices in downtown Tampa.