Mosquito Management Spray Truck

Why Do We Spray?

Hillsborough County Mosquito Management Services conducts spraying to control mosquitoes

Mosquito Management Services conducts treatments when monitoring activities determine that mosquito populations have reached levels that threaten the public health, incidents of mosquito-transmitted diseases have been reported in an area, and the nuisance threshold for the general population has been exceeded. 

How Do We Spray?
Truck-mounted foggers or aircraft apply careful calibrated amounts of product to ensure the correct amount is applied for each treatment area.

When Do We Spray?
Treatments are started after sunset and completed prior to sunrise. Most mosquito species are active in the early morning, evening and nighttime hours when they feed and reproduce. This is also the time when winds are typically calm and the most effective treatments can be made.

What Do We Spray?
Hillsborough County uses the following products and biological control agents to combat mosquitoes at different phases of their lifecycle.

  • Basillus thuringiensis israelenis, VectoBac a natural pathogen of mosquito larvae, is sprayed by ground devices in public rights of way such as grassy swales, roadside ditches, and stormwater drains. It is also dispersed by aircraft over coastal marshes.
  • Naled, Dibrom an insecticide used at concentrations within than the labeled limits, is sprayed by helicopter or airplane using ultra-low volume spray equipment to kill adult mosquitoes.
  • Synthetic pyrethroid, an organic compound similar to the natural pyrethrins produced by chrysanthemum flowers, Permanone 30-30 is sprayed by truck mounted foggers and Anvil 10+10 ULV is sprayed by helicopter or airplane to kill adult mosquitoes.
  • (S)-Methoprene, Altosid® an insecticide used to kill mosquitoes in the larval stage, is sprayed by ground devices at sites where mosquitoes breed, such as tires, potted plants, tree holes, garbage bins, cans, birdbaths, rain barrels and other water-holding containers and small bodies of water.

All are approved industry standard products used in the United States to manage mosquito populations, registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and applied by trained and state-licensed technicians

Want to know where we're spraying?

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Photo Information: Mosquito larvacide helicopter.