Posted February 13, 2019 | 9:29 AM

Patience is a Virtue, and Key to Having a New Pet

Tips from Pet Resource Center on how to introduce a new pet to its new life

A new pet is an exciting addition to your life, but it can be extremely overwhelming too. There are introductions to be made, so many things to buy, and so much information to learn.

While everything you learn about your new pet is important, the main lesson Hillsborough County's Pet Resource Center wants you to remember: give your pet time to settle into their new life.

Give your pet time to explore their new surroundings, get use to the new people in their life, and allow them to be wary of new things. Some pets adjust quicker than others, but remember that every pet is unique.

If you feel overwhelmed, imagine how your new companion must feel. Remember when you moved into a new place? Did you know exactly how to act, where to go, who to talk to as soon as you moved in? Don't expect your pet to be comfortable the minute they move in either. Your pet might not have been part of a family for some time, if at all, so everything might be new to them, including the love and attention. Don't rush them into fitting into your life. Be patient - it's definitely worth the wait!

To help ease your new pet into their new life, here are a few helpful tips:

Looking for more resources? Check out Best Friends Animal Society and ASPCA for more information.


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