Kids with their backs to the camera walking down the street

School's Almost Back: Are Your Kids Ready?

Tips to smooth the transition back to class

Outside voices, computer games, and swimsuits are giving way to school bells, homework, and classroom-appropriate attire.
The first day of public school is Wednesday, Aug. 10. Take steps now to help smooth the transition back to campus.
Here are six things to keep in mind:

  • Head Start and Early Head Start are available for preschool children, age 5 and younger, from low-income families. You can apply now. Enrolling your youngster in Child Care? Check Hillsborough County's database and other information about providers, including employees and volunteers, to ensure your child is in a safe and fulfilling environment.
  • Open registration for the After-School Program at locations throughout Hillsborough County began in July. Fees vary, depending on a student's grade and family income.
  • Hillsborough County has programs for students with special needs. After-School opportunities for fun and learning are available at three recreation centers that also serve able-bodied students, and at four locations exclusively for children with special needs. HC Adaptive Sports, a Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation program, offers year-round activities for children, teens, and adults with physical disabilities.
  • There are Hillsborough County programs tailored to the needs and interests of high school students. Youth Leadership Council helps students learn the importance of community service, and develop leadership skills. Standout teens earn recognition through the Youth Excellence and Achievement (YEA!) awards.
  • Public school students in grades K-12 can access most materials at local libraries, even without a library card. All they need is a seven-digit ID number and PIN. HAAL Pass (Hillsborough All Access Libraries) is a partnership between Hillsborough County Public Schools and the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative that automatically gives every student access to library resources.
  • As students make their way to and from campus, it's important for them to know good safety practices when walking or riding a bicycle. It's also critical for motorists to follow the rules and be alert.


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