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Haley Veterans Hospital Gets Traffic Signal

Federal officials will pay Hillsborough County to design and install the signal on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and make other intersection improvements

The federal Department of Veterans Affairs is paying Hillsborough County to install a traffic signal and make other improvements at the main access to James A. Haley Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

The Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners on Aug. 1 accepted $1.4 million from Veterans Affairs, which includes money to modify turn lanes and add improvements for pedestrians at the busy intersection of Bruce B. Downs and Richard Silver Way, the hospital's central artery.

Hillsborough County's Public Works has determined a traffic signal is warranted at the intersection. The County will design and install the roadway improvements, including the signal.

The work is projected to be completed by no later than mid-2021. The project is intended to:

  • Accommodate increased development in the area, and accompanying traffic volume
  • Improve overall mobility along Bruce B. Downs by safely accommodating more vehicles
  • Enhance safe access and traffic flow at the main access to the hospital campus

"This will go a long way for our veterans who use the entrance at the James A. Haley Hospital," said Kent Turner, the medical center's acting associate director. "We really are encouraged about the work we have done with the Public Works Department."

Photo: With money from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, Hillsborough County will make improvements at the main access to James A. Haley Veterans Affairs Medical Center.


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