Storm Season

Hurricane Preparedness for Mobile Homes

Download our guide for tips for families in mobile homes

Families in mobile homes face the largest risk of damage and injury during a hurricane. Whether living in a manufactured home or recreational vehicle, it's important that residents learn what to do before, during, and after a storm to stay safe.

Before the Storm
The best time to prepare is before the storm hits. Take the time to develop an evacuation plan, including temporary shelter and alternative routes should local roads be flooded or closed. You should also prepare your evacuation kit for easy evacuation.

During the Storm
No matter where the mobile home is located in the county, all mobile homes are considered Evacuation Zone A. Once an evacuation order is issued, all mobile home residents must evacuate immediately. Even tropical storm-force winds can destroy a mobile home, so it's important not try to ride out the storm in the structure.

After the Storm
Only return when it is reported safe to do so. Remember, emergency services may not be available for days or weeks - this is when most storm-related injuries and deaths occur. Once home, make sure your home is stable before entering, and only operate equipment you are trained to use, including generators.

If you or someone you know lives in a mobile home, you can download our Hurricane Preparedness for Mobile and Manufactured Home Residents Guide for more information on preparing.

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