Trash can of leaves
Posted November 26, 2018 | 10:30 AM

4 Feet, 6 Inches, and 50 Pounds

Things to check when kicking yard waste to the curb

Weekly curbside pickup of yard and wood waste is part of the residential solid waste service for Hillsborough County customers. Typical residential volumes of tree and shrub clippings, leaves, grass clippings, and brush are accepted.

To avoid having your yard waste left behind on collection day, here are a few guidelines for preparing your items:

  • The weekly set-out limit is 2 cubic yards or less - this is approximately twelve 30-gallon containers or bags
  • Use your own cans, boxes, bags, or other containers to store your yard waste
  • Each container cannot exceed 50 pounds
  • Keep limbs and branches shorter than 4 feet long and thinner than 6 inches in diameter
  • Bundle, neatly stack, or place items in a yard waste container - leaves and small cuttings must be in a container or bag
  • Place yard waste within 6 feet of the curb

If you regularly place out smaller amounts of yard waste, consider using a low-cost reusable plastic or stainless steel trash container instead of disposable yard bags.

If you have more than 2 cubic yards of yard waste or don't want to wait until your weekly collection, you can take it to a regional collection center Monday through Saturday.

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