Posted November 16, 2018 | 10:29 AM

What's the Big Deal About Commodity Codes?

Is your business registered with Hillsborough County's iSupplier Portal Vendor system but you aren't getting solicitations or bid notices? Two incorrect entries in your iSupplier profile can keep you from getting email notices, and in the dark about potential bid opportunities for your business.

Helpful Tip #1: Know the Codes
The number one mistake businesses make is not adding the category or commodity codes for the products and services they provide. The County uses commodity codes to issue solicitations and notify registered vendors of bidding opportunities. No codes, no notice.

Not sure which commodity codes to choose in your iSupplier profile. Here are some steps to help:

  • Consider all the goods and services you can provide or sub-contract for
  • Search the directory by keyword, good, or service to get the NIGP codes you'll need
  • Registering for broader category classes will include all the subcategories, or you can make individual selections from subcategories (Example: Class 005 for Abrasives or Code 005.21 for Abrasives, Sandblasting, Metal)
  • A good practice is to register for as many category codes as possible that apply to your business

Helpful Tip #2: Check Your Company Contacts
The next thing to check are the iSupplier logins for your company profile. While you can create multiple employee logins for users to view and submit bids on behalf of your company, the system only sends email notifications to the first person listed alphabetically by last name in the company profile.

If your company has multiple registered users, you can select who gets the email notices by editing your contact directory - simply add the number 1 in front of your desired contact's last name (example: John 1Smith, and John will then be the only contact to receive notifications). Another option is using only one dedicated company email as your company login, so that email account receives the notifications. Also make sure to check your SPAM folder for emails from Oracle "workflow mailer" and mark those emails as "Not Spam."

Free Assistance
Need help using or setting up iSupplier? Contact for assistance or attend a free monthly training session. If your company would like to do business with Hillsborough County and isn't already using iSupplier, you can register as a new user for free.


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