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Posted December 11, 2018 | 9:04 AM

New Online Kennel Dives Deeper into Pet Profiles

Pet Resource Center's ADOPT system makes pet adoption simpler, more convenient, and more transparent

Hillsborough County has made major improvements to the way people look for pets at Pet Resource Center (PRC).

PRC has launched its new online kennel, a system that substantially increases the amount of information available to residents on the pets in PRC's care, whether it be adoptable pets, lost pets, or rescue-only pets. The online system, called ADOPT, features individualized pet profiles, real-time updates on which dogs and cats are at the shelter and their status, and detailed search options for those looking for specific characteristics in a pet such as breed, sex, or age. A resident can now filter search results to find, for example, only female dogs less than 2 years old, or look online to see if their lost cat is at the shelter.

ADOPT pet profiles also include all the information the staff and volunteers have gathered when observing pets while at the shelter, giving those considering adoption a look into the dog or cat's personality and how it could fit within their life.

The ADOPT online kennel system can be accessed by computer or mobile device at

Dozens of dogs and cats are adopted every day from PRC, and the ADOPT system is designed to make the process even easier and more convenient.

Residents will also be able to use ADOPT on their mobile devices at the shelter to look up a pet's information by scanning individual QR codes located at each kennel or by visiting and typing in the kennel number.

PRC is the only open-admission facility in Hillsborough County, meaning it accepts dogs and cats regardless of breed, size, age, medical condition, or number of pets in the shelter. Certain pets in the care of PRC and/or their ADOPT records may not be available for adoption or release pending a determination of ownership rights and/or legal consent, such as during stray hold times or active abuse investigations. ADOPT pet profiles are updated every 30 minutes with the pet's status updated every 15 minutes, seven days a week.


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