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Posted February 27, 2019 | 4:02 PM

Featured Job: Engineering Associate (Stormwater Investigations)

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Ideal Candidate Profile

The Hillsborough County Public Works Department is seeking an Engineering Associate to provide stormwater system maintenance and flooding investigations. The ideal candidate will have working knowledge of Hillsborough County and FDOT Design Standards, typical maintenance and operation standards and practices, inspection procedures for drainage infrastructure. The candidate should have a basic understanding of Engineering practices and procedures and be able to assist with basic design and plan preparation activities. Additionally, the candidate should have a basic understanding of stormwater system permitting requirements and the various permitting agencies areas of responsibility. Candidates should have demonstrated experience in stormwater system inspections or investigations of flooding complaints related to roadways and stormwater infrastructure. The candidates will need strong communication abilities and be able to effectively work with others to determine solutions to flooding or maintenance issues.

Job Overview

Performs professional unlicensed level engineering work in designing and preparing plans, specification and engineering cost estimates for the construction, operation and/or maintenance of municipal projects.

Salary: $51,833.60 - $83,428.80/year

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