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Are Your Kids Ready for Summer?

Fishing, skateboarding, and more. We've got you covered

Another school year ends soon. Have you made plans for the summer?

Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation makes the off-campus months fun and fulfilling for children and teens, and easy for parents.

Participants must register for summer camp. Students who participate in after-school programs may sign up now. For others, open registration begins at noon, April 1.

There's a camp to suit almost every child's interests and abilities, at facilities from Westchase to Thonotosassa to Apollo Beach. Games, crafts, character-building activities, and field trips are just a few of the offerings.

Do your kids like fishing? Nature and wildlife? Skateboarding? The County has specialty camps tailored to these pursuits, and more.

Young people with disabilities may attend camps with children, teens, and young adults facing similar challenges, or participate alongside peers without disabilities in inclusive camps.

Lunch and healthy snacks are served at most camp locations. And financial help is available for those who qualify.

Make this a summer to remember. Check out the many programs and activities available at camps throughout Hillsborough County.


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