Single Use Plastics

Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution

New education and recognition program aims to reduce waste from single-use plastics

Residents and business owners are invited to join Hillsborough County and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful (KTBB) in the worldwide movement to reduce waste from single-use plastics. The County and KTTB have partnered to launch a community education initiative to inform residents, visitors, and businesses about the environmental impacts of single-use plastic products and ways they can help combat the problem.

The program includes new online resources at

Individuals can show their support for ending plastic pollution by taking an online pledge to do one or more simple actions, including:

  • Bring reusable shopping bags
  • Skip plastic straws
  • Carry a reusable cup, mug, or water bottle
  • Use reusable takeout containers
  • Raise awareness by sharing tips on social media using #PollutionSolutionHC

Businesses can be recognized as a Businesses for the Bay partner by sharing what they are doing, or pledge to do, to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Business partners will also have access to educational materials for their customers. There is no cost to participate.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, six of the top 10 contributors to marine debris are single-use, or disposable, plastic products. They include common food service ware, such as food and beverage container caps and lids, beverage bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers, cups, plates, cutlery, and drinking straws. When littered, or caught by the wind, these items get washed into stormwater drains that empty into streams, rivers, bays, and other waterways.

Caption: Hillsborough County staff helped attendees of the Gasparilla Music Festival learn about ways to reduce single-use plastics.