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Coastal Flood Maps Are Changing For Hillsborough County

New zone designations impact insurance and building requirements for homes and businesses


FEMA has released preliminary flood map updates for the coastal areas of Hillsborough County, including Tampa. The coastal flood risks shown on the current effective flood maps (known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps, or FIRMs) are based on outdated data and technology more than 30 years old and do not reflect new development and changes in shoreline. The updated maps provide Hillsborough County and its residents and business owners in coastal and tidally influenced areas with up-to-date, reliable, internet-accessible data about the coastal flood risks they face.

The map changes generally impact the areas west of I-75 in southern Hillsborough County, south of I-275 and Tampa International Airport in Tampa, south of Linebaugh Avenue in Town 'N Country, and near the lower Hillsborough, Alafia, and Little Manatee rivers. Affected property owners should receive letters from either Hillsborough County or the City of Tampa, depending on their location, with more information by the end of April.

In general, the map updates will result in one of the following for property owners in the affected area:

  • For properties removed from the high-risk areas, the flood risk is reduced but not removed.
  • Properties newly identified to be at high-risk will experience potential changes in insurance requirements and costs and new building requirements.
  • Properties in high-risk areas may see their risk increase more.

Coastal Flood Map Viewer and More Information

To provide residents and business owners in the update area additional opportunities to view the preliminary maps, the County is hosting a series of community office hours. Hillsborough County Hazard Mitigation staff and flood specialists will be on hand to discuss one-on-one how the changes impact individual property owners.

Community Office Hours:

  • April 27, Town 'N Country Regional Library
  • May 1, SouthShore Regional Service Center
  • May 4, SouthShore Regional Library

The new FIRMs are expected to become effective in mid-2020, following a FEMA public comment and appeal period later this year.

Photo Information: FEMA representatives assist and advise homeowners about flood map updates. (Photo courtesy of FEMA/Andrea Booher)


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