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2020 Census will Shape Hillsborough's Future

As population grows in Hillsborough County, census count will bring statistics and maybe funding

Florida's fourth largest County is already bigger than 10 U.S. states, and during the 2020 Census, Hillsborough is poised to potentially be counted as home to 1.5 million.

But why does that matter?

The results of the census are what decide how many representatives in the United State House of Representatives each state gets. It also helps with distribution of federal and state funding. Education, health care, law enforcement, and highways are just some of the things that receive funding based on population. Making sure every person is counted helps the local community be heard and supported by the federal government for at least 10 years.

To make sure every person who lives in Hillsborough County is counted, the County has formed a Complete Count Committee to raise awareness of the importance of the census. For more information on the census or the Complete Count Committee, visit



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