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Hanging With Nature

Check out these cool spots to hang your hammock in Hillsborough County

James Myers is a fan of the hammock rigs at Alderman's Ford Conservation Park, near Plant City. That's his hammock, and feet, in the above photo.

"I think the new hammock stations are great," says James, a regular visitor to the Hillsborough County facility. "People are moving back to hammocks for camping and lounging at the park, versus tents or camp chairs."

There are hammock stations at three Hillsborough County Conservation Parks:

The goal is to provide the amenities that visitors want, while protecting the environment.

Except at the designated sites, hammocks are not allowed at County Conservation Parks.

Each station consists of a pair of 6-by-6, pressure-treated posts with eyebolts for hanging hammocks, either the lightweight type made of parachute material, or traditional ones made of rope or cloth. Park visitors bring their own hammocks to connect to the posts. The County does not provide them.

Alderman's Ford has the most hammock stations, with nine in the family camping area, 10 at the group campsite, and two in the main picnic area. There are plans to install more in the picnic area and along the park's paved trail, where it overlooks the Alafia River.

Campers, hikers, and people who just want to relax outdoors use the hammock stations. They're great places to read a book, eat a snack, or take a nap.

Photo: James Myers relaxes in his hammock at Alderman's Ford Conservation Park.


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