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One Year Tag No Longer Your Only Option

Changes to ordinance make it easier for residents to stay up to date with pet registrations

Admit it, even with the reminders, you've forgotten at least once to renew your pet's yearly registration. Don't worry, you're not alone. That's why Hillsborough County has added more registration tag options to make it easier for residents to keep their pet registrations up to date. In the past, the County has only offered an annual tag, making it easy for someone to forget to renew when their pet's rabies vaccination was still valid.

When renewing a pet's registration with Hillsborough County Pet Resources, owners now have three options to choose from- a one-year, two-year, or three-year tag - so owners can get their rabies vaccinations and registration tags on the same cycle. Pet Resources will help you get your tag on the same cycle even before your pet's rabies vaccine expires, crediting what you have already paid for toward the cost of a multi-year license.

The update to the Dog, Cat, and Ferret Registration and License Ordinances - Article II Sec. 6-22 was made earlier this year, and goes into effect July 15.

Though the validation length has changed, the requirements have stayed the same. Pets that are older than four months still need to be registered and have a proof of a rabies vaccination, which is required in order to get a tag for your pet. Tags can be purchased through Pet Resource Center or with your veterinarian.

Keep in mind, if cited for a failure to license or vaccinate, the fines are at least $100 and up to $500 for multiple violations.

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