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Posted November 6, 2019 | 9:37 AM

Rides on the Bright Side Provide Independence

Sunshine Line removes major hurdle to self-sufficiency for those in need: lack of reliable transportation

For almost 30 years, Hillsborough County's Sunshine Line has provided steadfast transportation to residents who have few other options for getting from place to place. Seniors, low-income residents, and people with disabilities have relied on Sunshine Line over the years to take them to medical appointments, grocery stores, senior centers, job training, and so much more. Without the blue buses, many of those residents wouldn't have the quality of life and independence Sunshine Line affords them, having to rely on family and friends for transportation.

In the past year alone, Sunshine Line has:

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Need help getting around town or know someone who does? Visit Sunshine Line online or call (813) 272-7272 for more information.


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