A golden retriever with its head hanging out of the car window

Cuddle Shuttles Brighten up Self-Isolation

Can't make it to PRC? Help clear the shelter with a Cuddle Shuttle delivered care package!

The Pet Resource Center has opened their Curbside Cuddles pilot program to adopters looking for a furry friend, but unable to come in for adoption. The trial programs will allow adopters the choice of submitting a request for a pet via or on the phone. The shelter hopes this will help with their plea to clear the shelters during this time.

Staff members will complete the adoption virtually and help schedule Curbside Cuddle pick-ups or deliveries via our limited Cuddle Shuttles to select locations only within Hillsborough County.

In order to clear the shelters, adoption fees are currently waived for all pets, including ones adopted using our new Curbside Cuddle pilot program!

To Adopt via the pilot Curbside Cuddle Program:

  • Visit and view our online kennel. All the notes on every animal are kept up-to-date so, whether in person or online, adopters know everything the shelter knows about each pet.

  • Once you pick your new best friend, visit or call (813) 272-5900 to submit a request. You'll need to provide staff with:

    • Adopter's full name as shown on driver's license or state-issued ID
    • Adopter's contact information including phone number and email address
    • The pet ID (this will begin with A and include 7 numbers, i.e. A0000001)
  • If the pet is still available, PRC staff will contact the adopter to finalize the adoption virtually, just as it would be done in the office.

  • When the adoption is approved, staff will work with adopters to schedule their Curbside Cuddle pick-up. If a pick-up isn't possible, staff will work to schedule delivery via one of our limited Cuddle Shuttles.

  • Adopters will have to show the ID provided at time of pick-up or delivery and sign the finalized adoption papers.

  • Lastly, enjoy your cuddle care package! Our pets make great sidekicks during self-isolation and long after.

During adoptions, all contact with staff will be kept to a minimum. In-person adoptions will still have priority, and all PRC pets are adopted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you or your family aren't ready to adopt, consider fostering or volunteering at PRC.