Hillsborough County Opens Quarantine & Isolation Sites for COVID-19 Patients, Families

Two hotels with total of 362 rooms will isolate afflicted, and quarantine those exposed to help prevent virus’ spread

Hillsborough County opened quarantine and isolation sites for people and their families affected by COVID-19 coronavirus.

Two hotels on Fowler Avenue in North Tampa temporarily will serve as residences for the patients and those potentially exposed, enabling them to receive basic accommodations and services while helping to prevent the virus from spreading to others in the community.

The County and the Department of Health in Hillsborough County will manage the sites, providing shelter, food, telemedicine options, and basic services such as laundry and sanitation.

The hotels together have 362 rooms and will accommodate people who are able to care for themselves but unable to remain in their own homes. Residents assigned to the sites will be pre-screened and could include individuals or family members such as spouses and children.

Hillsborough County has signed a six-month lease with both hotels. Local conditions will determine how long they serve as quarantine and isolation sites, and whether more sites are opened. The length of time individuals remain at the hotels will be decided by the Department of Health and depend on each person’s condition and needs.

Local authorities praised owners of the hotels for agreeing to serve as temporary living quarters for those who have tested positive for COVID-19 or been exposed to the virus. By doing so, 111 jobs were preserved.

When the quarantine and isolation sites no longer are needed, both hotels will undergo thorough medical-grade cleaning and sanitation.

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