Check in the mail

Helping Your Neighbors During COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

The generosity of the Hillsborough County community is on display once again. Facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, people are responding in numerous heartfelt ways to help our neighbors, health care workers, and other individuals and organizations during this difficult time.

Hillsborough County government has received tens of thousands of donations, including masks, gowns, and other personal protection equipment that is being distributed to health care facilities, paramedics, and others on the frontlines of this outbreak. Your generosity is inspiring, once again demonstrating that this community responds to adversity without hesitation, and in deeply meaningful ways, often filling vital gaps during a time such as this.

Understandably, some people prefer to donate money. Hillsborough County sincerely appreciates this generosity, but we'd like to ask a favor: Please think of local charities and nonprofit organizations first. These community-oriented entities have the ability to directly distribute donations to the areas of greatest need - quickly. Many of these groups have a long history of partnering with Hillsborough County, and do a great job responding to needs in the community. By avoiding an additional step in the process, we can provide help faster to where it is needed most.

Those still wanting to donate money to Hillsborough County should follow this process:

• Send checks to:

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue
ATT: Fiscal Team
9450 E. Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33619

  • Do not attempt to give a check in person to a County employee.
  • Donations cannot be made through PayPal or any other similar method.
  • Before any monetary donation is made to the County, residents should talk to a professional tax adviser about deductibility and other tax-related questions.

The funds will be used to purchase more personal protective equipment for first responders, testing kits, food, water, and other supplies for quarantined residents, medical supplies and equipment, and disinfectants. In addition, these donations will help pay for leasing equipment for temporary testing sites, and other items and services. These are critical needs, and your gifts will greatly help our community continue its response to this outbreak.

Hillsborough County sincerely thanks you for your generous donations and asks that you Stay Safe until we overcome this challenge.