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Survey Seeks Residents’ Thoughts About COVID-19, Testing

Participation in free testing for virus varies among neighborhoods

Hillsborough County residents with symptoms of COVID-19 can get a free test to determine if they have the virus. So why are many still not seeking tests?

That’s one answer a new County survey and outreach campaign hope to find. The goal is to understand what residents know about the coronavirus and ensure they don’t hesitate to undergo the simple test to find out if they, a loved one, or a friend has it.

The County is eager to hear from residents across the area and hopes to better understand why some people may not be participating in testing. For example, it’s possible that some people don’t receive information through traditional news sources. In some homes, English is not the language spoken most frequently. Other residents might have trouble getting transportation to a mobile test site or be skeptical of the tests’ accuracy.

The survey aims to uncover such barriers to spreading word of the importance and ease of testing for the virus. The questionnaire, which is available online and by text, takes minutes to complete and will be available for eight weeks. The County will use the results to guide communication and outreach efforts and, if significant, could lead to operational decision-making. The County wants to reach as many residents as possible.

The County hopes at least 1,000 residents will complete the survey. To reach them, the County is seeking help from community leaders and a diverse range of media formats and institutions.

It’s important for residents of communities throughout unincorporated Hillsborough and the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City to know that everyone is in this situation together. Recognizing the early symptoms of COVID-19 and getting tested can save lives.

Want to get tested? Hillsborough County is doing limited drive-thru testing at various sites. The free tests are available for people with COVID-19 symptoms who have preregistered and scheduled an appointment through the County’s call center at (813) 272-5900. The call center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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