NexTraq Bolsters Hillsborough County’s Supply of Surgical Masks

The Michelin Group company is donating 12,000 masks to first responders and public utility workers

A company that provides software to track fleet vehicles and other valuable items with GPS technology is donating 12,000 surgical-quality masks to Hillsborough County’s Office of Emergency Management and Public Utilities Department.

The contribution is part of an effort by NexTraq, a Michelin Group company, to help first responders and other essential workers keep doing their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic while protecting themselves and others.

Emergency Management will distribute the masks to emergency and medical workers and others whose duties expose them to people who might have contracted the coronavirus. Public Utilities workers will wear the face coverings to prevent contact with solid, liquid, and airborne particles, any of which can be biohazards, in sewer lines and at processing plants.

Supplies of personal protective equipment are limited. NexTraq’s substantial contribution, and other donations, help ensure first responders, utility workers, and other essential workers are adequately protected while doing their jobs.

NexTraq has an existing relationship with Hillsborough County, providing GPS fleet tracking and mobile workforce management solutions to Pet Resources, Solid Waste Services, and the Public Utilities and Public Works departments. The company is part of the Michelin Group, which is donating 700,000 masks to hospitals, medical facilities, and essential businesses to combat the pandemic. NexTraq is distributing personal protective equipment in communities in the United States and Canada where the company has a presence, such as Hillsborough County.

"Protecting these government employees, their families, and the people they need to interact with on a daily basis as they perform their critical work is of paramount importance,” said Oliver Brauen, president and CEO of NexTraq.

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Photo: The first installment of 12,000 protective masks that NexTraq is donating to Hillsborough County arrived in early May.