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matching game

Get Adaptive: The Matching Game

Help your child enhance fine motor abilities by incorporating new tools into the game

Putting a new twist to the matching game will help enhance an individual's learning and fine motor abilities. Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation recommends altering the activity depending on your child's learning curriculum.

Materials needed:

  • A pack of colorful clothespins, or neutral color to be able to write on
  • Numbers, alphabets, fruits, or vegetable cards with matching stickers

Now that you have your materials, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: On a table, place about 10-15 cards with different images of letters, numbers, fruits, vegetables, animals, etc. You can make these yourself on cardboard paper or you can even use paper plates - whatever you have around the house.
Step 2: Label each of the clothespins corresponding to the item on the card. For instance, if you are matching colors - one clothespin should have red on it to be able to match it to a red one card.
Step 3: Ask the individual to clip the clothespin correctly to its matching card. You can change up what your child matches up on a daily basis.

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