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Featured Job: GIS Project Manager

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Job Overview
This position is responsible for providing various day to day operational & administrative managerial duties as it relates to a particular function/section/department.

Ideal Candidate
Hillsborough County Geospatial Services is seeking a GIS Project Manager to supervise the day-to-day project activities of GIS staff and manage the completion of GIS projects. This includes supervising activities such as data creation, data analysis, map creation, and mobile data collection, as well as managing the workload distribution among staff. This position will manage projects related to the Applied GIS Section and GIS projects for other county departments. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of Esri ArcGIS Desktop and Online products, ArcGIS Server, GIS data management best practices and cartographic best practices. Candidates should also have experience working with enterprise level relational geodatabases, and associated tasks. Previous supervisory and/or project management experience is required. The candidate should be able to collaborate effectively with others and will need strong communication skills.

Salary: $27.75 -44.41 US Dollar (USD) Hourly

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