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Flag Freeze

Get Active: Flag Freeze

Get outside with family and friends to see who will be crowned the champion

Looking for a new way to get exercise and have fun? Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation staff has a  game you can play with your friends or family that gets you outside.

Materials Needed:

  • Outdoor area
  • Cones or paper plates
  • Flags or plastic shopping bags for all the participants
  • Music

Now that you have all your materials ready, let's get started on your fitness and health.

Step 1: Start with gathering your materials and a comfortable play area; outside would be best (backyard or front yard).
Step 2: Use cones or paper plates to mark off boundaries. Make it large enough for everyone participating to be at least arms-length distance from other players to start out.
Step 3: Give each player a flag to place the flag around the waist or in the waistline. If you do not have flags, you can use plastic shopping bags or t-shirts that hang out enough for someone to grab.
Step 4: Now it's time to go! When the game starts, begin by trying to pull other players' flags, just like flag football, but make sure you keep others away from grabbing yours. When your flag is pulled, you freeze in place until there is a champion. Last person that keeps their "flag" is named the champ and then everyone is unfrozen.
Step 5: Want more of a challenge? Add in music and have someone stop it randomly. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze, flag or no flag. When the music starts back, only those with flags attached continue playing until there is one person left to be crowned champion.

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