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Hillsborough County Development Services Going Digital

New approach provides quality service, increases convenience, enhances safety

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 1, Hillsborough County Development Services will go to a
paperless system for all development-related transactions. The department plans to fully embrace the new Digital Drop-Off service, which allows customers to submit site and subdivision development, natural resources, zoning applications, inspections, and related documents online.

The new feature increases the level of service provided to customers. With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, it also will allow the County to continue serving customers in a safe and effective manner that will be more convenient, and provide added cost-savings. In addition, as the County moves toward an increasingly digital service model, there is an environmental benefit as well.

With touch-free, online transactions, the paperless solution provides added public health safety by eliminating in-person wait times and reducing unnecessary interactions between customers and staff.

Additionally, by "dropping off" digital files rather than large-format paper plans and applications, customers are helping to reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding trips to a permitting location and saving trees by decreasing dependence on paper.

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