Virtual Recreation

Get Creative: Reset Yourself and Refocus

A reset enables you to refocus, recharge, and get back to doing your best

Check out this virtual recreation activity provided by Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation's partner Positive Coaching Alliance.

We all have emotions and they're a big part of our lives. Sometimes they get so strong and take over that it's hard for us to think clearly or we find ourselves unable to do things that we normally do with ease. This is when we need to RESET and REFOCUS. Like controlling the temperature of water boiling on the stove, a reset is a way to turn down the heat of our emotions before they boil over. When we reset, we're able to think more clearly and focus on what's next.

Now that you've watched Coach Carmyn discuss the idea of a Reset tool, let's have you think about your own life and how you can learn to reset yourself when your emotions start to get too hot!

Activity = Create your own Reset tool!

Materials Needed:

  • Pencil, pen, crayons, markers
  • Piece of paper

After watching the video, you can print the worksheet to complete the activity or you can simply use your own materials and get creative with the steps below.

Step 1: When do you notice that your emotions are having a negative impact on you? From the list below, circle some of the situations that make you feel angry, uneasy, or agitated.

  • When you're losing a game
  • When you get blamed for something
  • When you can't beat the next level on a video game
  • When you don't reach your goal
  • When someone is disrespectful towards you
  • When you forget an answer on a test
  • When you're late for an event

Is there another situation that overwhelms your emotions that wasn't included above? Write it down on your piece of paper.

Step 2: Create your own Reset tool. Circle one of the options listed below under each of the columns. An example would be circling 2 deep breaths, bounce up & down, and clap.

 Breathe Body Break
1 Deep Breath Bounce up & down   Clap
2 Deep Breaths  Wiggle your arms Shout "Break!"
 3 Deep Breaths Storm your feet Pump your fist

Now, put all 3 together and try your new Reset tool. When your emotions start to distract you from doing your best, remember to reset and refocus to regain control and perform your best!

We can choose to reset every time we feel our emotions coming on, over and over every day. When we realize that being able to reset gives us control of our emotions in many situations, we quickly learn that we don't need to fear or be uncomfortable with our emotions at all!