Posted February 8, 2021 | 1:04 PM

Volunteer Coaches Needed for County Athletics Programs, Including Hockey

Parks & Recreation's volunteer coaches essential to growing sports programming

You've probably read about homegrown superstar athletes getting their starts at their local park, but have you ever wondered who helped them start loving the sport they now excel at? More than likely, a volunteer coach is behind that star's first dribble, first slap shot, or first kick. Volunteer coaches are essential to every youth sports program in the country, and that is no different for Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation programming.

With Parks & Recreation expanding its youth sports, additional volunteer coaches are needed to help teach the next generation of superstar athletes, including coaches for a new hockey league.

Parks & Recreation's youth hockey league will be open throughout the year with spring, summer, fall, and winter schedules. County volunteer coaches must make a two-hour-a-week commitment to the program that includes one hour a week for practice and one hour a week for a game. Coaches, who will supervise children between the ages of 6 and 16 depending on the sport, will oversee planning and facilitating the coaching practices suitable for the age and ability of their athletes.

Hockey not your specialty? Don't worry, because Parks & Recreation has several youth leagues that need volunteer coaches.

  • Fall Youth Flag Football
  • Summer Youth Basketball
  • Winter Youth Basketball
  • Spring Youth Soccer

To start the process of becoming a volunteer coach, you must complete a Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation Volunteer Application that will include a background check.


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