Running Water
Posted February 17, 2021 | 9:56 PM

Ruskin Residents May Experience Lower Water Pressure Due to Waterline Leak

Water Resources staff will begin work on Thursday morning to repair the waterline leak

Hillsborough County Water Resources is notifying some of its Ruskin customers that they may experience lower water pressure beginning Thursday morning as crews work to repair a waterline leak in the area.

Water Resources staff will begin work on Thursday morning to repair the waterline leak, located in front of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Station No. 17, 410 E. College Ave.

Hillsborough County Water Resources residential and commercial customers south of East College Avenue and west of 15th Street S.E. may experience lower water pressure. However, the water pressure is not expected to drop significantly during the work, and at this time a precautionary boil water notice is not in effect.

To make the appropriate repairs, Water Resources staff will lower the groundwater at the site of the leak. Workers will then excavate the area, isolate the leak, and replace the pipes.

It is estimated the work will take between three and five days to complete and could impact an estimated 3,000 customers.

Water Resources customers who live south of East College Avenue and West of 15th Street S.E. are asked to conserve water while crews work to repair the waterline leak. Due to the possibility of lower water pressure, customers are asked to eliminate any and all nonessential water use, including watering lawns and shrubs, washing cars, and pressure washing.

Map of Affected Area

The northern boundary is East College Avenue, and the eastern boundary is 15th Street S.E. For the area south and west of the Little Manatee River, the southern boundary is Universal Drive, and the western boundary is U.S. 41.

A notice will be issued once the repairs are completed.

For comments or questions, please contact Hillsborough County’s Department Water Operations Section at (813) 744-5600.