Crush COVID!

Together We Can Crush COVID!

Campaign focuses on Hillsborough County residents determined to move past the pandemic

Call it the unforgettable year we would like to forget.

The first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Hillsborough County in March 2020. Since then, residents have become familiar with social distancing, face coverings, frequent hand washing, and sheltering in place.

Now we're close. With coronavirus-fighting drugs approved and a steady rollout of vaccinations underway, we're ready to move forward.

Crush COVID!

It has been a unique year for teachers, business owners, children, and just about everyone else. Teachers have kept students engaged and learning, often virtually. Businesses have pivoted and developed new procedures. Children have honed abilities to stay safe, learn remotely, and communicate with friends and family by telephone, text messaging, and on FaceTime.

Let's double down, take needed precautions, and put the pandemic behind us. It can happen if everyone does their part.


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