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I Lost my CDC Vaccine Card. Now What?

You got your COVID-19 vaccine here in Hillsborough County. You may have even taken a selfie with that beautiful CDC card. You told all of your friends about how easy and painless it was. But wait. Where did you set that card down?

If you lost your card and do not have a record of it, there are options to get a replacement.

Your first course of action is to return to the site where you got your vaccine. Perhaps it was a federal site, maybe it was a state-supported site or maybe it was one of the sites that Hillsborough County set up. Even if it was your local pharmacy. If the site where you got your vaccine is still open, they can help look you up and make you a new card from your name and your birthday.

If the site where you got your vaccine is no longer open or if the team at that site was unable to help you, your only option is to go to the Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County or call (813) 307-8000 and select "immunizations" option 3. Please be aware that it may take a while to research and process the request.

Your primary care physician's office also should be able to look up the record of your immunization.

Here are tips on how to secure your vaccine card.


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